Why you should choose us
NTC circuits has been working hard to create optimum solutions though our continuous capability and expertise in PCB production and PCB Assembly.We have been focus on the whole PCB&SMT industry including the lastest production technoloy,quality standards,raw materail developing and aslo PCB design.This is why we can always meet a variety of PCB requirement with high quality and at best&reasonable price.Our goal is to offer best solution for any demand of PCBs with on-time delivery and zero defects.You should choose us for your PCB solution for the reasons listed as follows
*Wide Product range
We are a top pcb manufacturer and assembly provider in China who can meet all your complicated PCB requirements such as Blind&Buried PCBs,HDI,Flex,Rigid-flex ,Hybrid pcbs and Metal core circuits board.Our cutting-edge technology capability and advanced equipements allow us to offer the best service and quickest response regardless of prototype and high volume.We are always responseful for your product life cycle.
*Professional technical support
Thanks to a dedicated CAM department that competely understands the real requirements of your circuits board. Our competence allows us to follow customers's design intent and carry out rapid and decisive complaints managment process with the purpose of minimizing production downtime. The NTC Circuits assures efficiency and skill in analyzing quality complaints.
*Quality assurance
The goal of our quality assurance's work is to offer zero defect PCB boards with on-time delivery for our customers.Our requirements specifications by default is based on current IPC standards IPC6012 rigid PCBs,IPC6013 Flex circuits,IPC6016 HDI PCB with some additions.Our acceptance requirements are strictly accordance with IPC600.Quality always win whenever balance between quality and other factors would be a problem.
*End user-to-manufacturer business
NTC circutis as a leading China PCB Manufacturer and assembly provider,has been striving to make a direct contact with end users.Our expertise in PCB manufacturing&assembly plus customer's knowledge in PCB design can achieve the best balance between quality and cost.You should establish a direct contact and business relationship with us for the three reasons:effective communications,reasonable pricing and short run time.The improvement of way of payment and delivery make this direct cooperation happen .It is time for you to skip your local angent or middleman to establish a direct business relationship with us. Be competitive and benefit from change!
*Any time,Any where and Any technology
Newtrend circuits has been working hard and committed to meeting our customers' requests quickly and efficiently.We can offer urgent production run and competitive delivery as fast as one or two working days owing to our high PCB capability and professional PCB experts.Our PCB products can be shipped to any destination in the world.Our professional logistics team can make sure all our PCBs can arrive safely and on schedule at our customers' hands.NTC will provide PCBs from standard FR4 pcb board to highly complicated PCBs by utilizing a wide variety of different raw materials.