PCB would be a time bomb
Bare PCB plays a very important role in the whole project ,and would be ticking bomb irrespective of their inherent quality.Most pcbs look similar on their surface at our first sight,but inherent condition is very critical to PCB's durability and function during its entire lifecycle.The biggest difference between NTC and other low quality manufacturers is that we always strictly follow current IPC standards and system of quality control to fabricate PCBs using best material.The reason why you should choose us is that we will never make any of quality issues listed as below happen in your pcb order
*Visual quality issues

>Copper Trace or Pad exposed                

>Mask Scratches or Laminates exposed                

>Board twist and wrap excessively                

>SMT Pads oxidated or contaminated                

>Copper exposed at the edge of board                

>SMT Pads Over-etching               

>Mask or legend ink overlapping SMT Pads                

>Mask discoloration after thermal shock test

*Inherent quality issues

>Delaminations or Void in the PCB board                

>No plating copper or less than 20um copper in the Vias                

>Poor layer-to-layer registration                

>Thin or bad isolation material                

>Void or uneven plating thickness in PTH holes                

>Bad adhesion between layers owing to inferior quality material                

>Random layers stackup for low manufacturing cost                

>Toerlace allowance beyond IPC's specifications

        Our mission,quality policy and reputation don't allow any above visual or inherent quality issues happen in our PCB products.Our quality are guarantted during the whole product life cycle.We have aslo been focusing on cost down by continuous improvment of our process capability and management.Why not choose one China PCB Manufacturer like us providing high quality PCB at the right Ex-works Price! Our capability and service will be beyond your expectation! Don't hesitate to contact us for any your PCB requirements via e-mail:Pcb@ntcircuits.com.As a top and leading China PCB manufactuer,we can take full responsbility for your entire product life cycle.