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Rigid PCB is usually made of fiberglass reinforce epoxy,and widely used in many industrial field.From early applications in some simple products,to the present,growth and proliferation for rigid printed circuits board continues exponentially to be used in many high-end products such as medical equipment,satellite,aerospace and military products.After rapid development and technology improvment in the past decades,China PCB Manufactuers have a ability to make most complex pcbs for cutomers all over the world.Nowadays 80% of PCB export are finished in China.
Products advantages
Product applications

*Used in a variety of applications

*Up to 40Layers

*Highest circuit density

*Low twist and wrap

*Match most components

*Consumer Electronics

*Industrial control board

*Medical equipments

*Telecommunications equipment

*Aerospace products

Base material

FR4, FR4TG170, FR4TG180, IT180
Finished Copper12/18/35/53/70/105/140/175/210/240UM
Overall thickness(Min)0.2MM
Overall thickness(Max)7.0MM
Fastest turnaround
Time in transit2-3days(North America)
Time in transit3-days(Europe)