To save your manufacturing cost
     At Newtrend circuits we can always help our customers to save their cost of pcb manufacturing besides offering competitive price and high quality product.You can follow those below principles prior to your order with us in order to save your cost of pcb manufacturing.

*Place order with us as early as you can.Longer leadtime,better price. 

*Put multi designs with same specifications in one array when order to save your tooling cost. 

*Allow us to adjust your stack up to follow industrial standard in condition that it will not cause any  issue of functionality. 

*Make sure same copper weight on both sides of same core in your original design if possible.

*Choose most economical way of e-test according your current or potential order qty in the future. 

*Don’t create too small vias in your original gerber file if possible. 

*Change blind/buried via to PTH via if no any issue with functionality will occur. 

*There is no extra cost using mask ink to cover or plug vias.To fill with resin and plated over with   copper is a more complicated process which will require extra cost. 

*Apply the right surface treatment and plating thickness on your pcb boards. 

*Choose the right pcb manufacturer for your each pcb RFQ because different marketing strategy or   technology capability can affect price very much. 

*Paypal is available on small orders to save your banking fee.

Select the right way of E-test according to your order type

Moving probe testFixture test

*This cost will be recurring of each reorder of   the  exsiting part no

*We will do E-test free of charge(total order 

  size less than one square meter)

*Save your cost when Moving probe test on     small order or not be repeated in the 


*One time cost and reused on 

  repeated orders

*Store any text fixture for up to 2 


*Save your cost to choose text fixture   on orders with many test points or 

   will be repeated many times in the 



*Low starting cost

*Cost is subject to number of total test points

*Recurring cost

*High starting cost

*It is one time cost

*No-recurring cost on reorders