Looking for Sales Rep locally

Basic Requirements for PCB Sales Rep:

      *Bachelors degree is preferred 

      *Be self starters and goal oriented 

      *Have strong interpersonal skills 

      *Be skilled in cold calling and field prospecting 

      *Possess strong closing skills 

      *Have a Passion to succeed and be number one 

      *Willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done 

      *Have strong organizational and time management skills 

      *Have more than 3 year field PCB sales experience 

      *Excellent understanding of Printed Circuit Board fabrication

If you are interested in finding a job working directly for China pcb manufacturer, Pls so kind to send your resume to pcb@ntcircuits.com for this good opportunity .We are looking forward to youe joining us to share our success. Why choose to work for Newtrend circuits Co.,LTD---One China pcb manufacturer? 

You will be impressed with the following reasons.

       1,A great income and flexible working hours 

       2,7X24hours and quick technical support from China pcb manufacturer 

       3,Quality pcb products and competitive price 

       4,Quick turn and direct delivery to end customers 

       5,More chance than your local pcb agent to win orders

For more details why you should choose us to start your job, Pls refer to below If you are working or worked for a pcb trading company in your local area, you would find more difficult for you to win pcb orders from end customers than before. End customers always like to order high quality pcb at a low price, but it will make you a big challenge to meet their requirement. End customers don’t like to hear “quality depends on price”. They are always picky and complain about quality issues even they order pcb at a low price. Many pcb trading companies in your local take a risk to import pcbs at a very lower price from some low quality pcb manufacturers in China. Their pcbs don’t comply with IPC standard at all and would be a time bomb. We should insist on that quality is always first whatever kind of fierce competition we would face, so question is that how we can reach a balance between quality and price. It is really the time for you to test the water and join us—China pcb manufacturer. It would be too late for you to join again if many Sales rep join Chinese pcb manufactuers some years later because you would face the same fierce competition as you do today. Don’t hesitate again and join us now! We must be quicker than others. Pls contact us via E-mail:pcb@ntcircuits.com for more advantages about us. We are looking forward to your coming to this big family!