Quality Assurance

PCB would be ticking bomb.It is the time for you to concern your PCB quality especially inherent quality.You shouldn't ingore those inherent quality factors and evaluate your PCB only in apprearance.You will find little difference at first sight,but the real difference under the surface are very critical to the PCB durability and life cycle time.As a leading China PCB manufactuer,all our PCBs are built to or beyond current IPC standards.Accpetance requirements comply with IPC 600. Our quality control system requires us to carry out E-test,soldability test and thermal test on each lot before shippment.These tests make sure Our PCB boards don't have any functional issues during the entire Product life cycle.Our quality assurance work is to achieve zreo complaints from customers in any circumstance.

*Well-trained personnel 

The key for a company to survive and succeed is to possess talented personnel.Since establishment NTC circuits has been regarding talented staff as our biggest wealth.Every candidate who wants to work for NTC circuits is required to have more than 5years working experience in famous PCB company and pass serveral tough tests about PCB knowledge.This policy allows to provide better service and products at a competitive pricing.After joining our company,they also must accept frequent trains to keep pace with current PCB technology.We aslo do Performance Evaluation on every personnel monthly to make them do better in the future.Good personnel creates good company.Then good company can make his customers more competitive with high quality products. 

*PCB facility audits 

To improve our quality control system continuously NTC circutis has established long term relationship with ISO institution and invite frequrently them to carry out audits on our PCB facility.These audits cover Quality&environmental management systems,Sub supplier management and material sourcing,warehouse management,process control,complaint handing control and machine mantenance.If any discrepancy with their standards,NTC Circutis will take effective actions to correct those processes which don't comply with their standards. 

*Our guarantees 

Most of customers can't tell the difference between PCBs,and have no idea about those quality factors hidden inside PCB boards,but they really expect high quality PCB with long durability and cycle time because any failure in PCB board will be big disater for the whole program.Overseas customers always worry about this when they are looking for Chinese PCB manufacturer,so they have to pay higher price to buy PCB though their local PCB agent who orders PCB from China.To build a direct business relationship with end users we can make a committment here that the first order under 200USD can be paid after you approvel our quality.You don't need to pay if any issue is found.You can exepect consistent quality from the same factory.

PCB Issues analysis
PCB delamination
Delamination is partial separation of the layes of the base material.This issue are mainly caused by humidity in the base material and excessive thermal thress during soldering.Besides baking pcb board before reflow or decreasing temperature during the reflow process,one way to solve this issue would increase the bonding strength between layers using a suitable plasma treatment on the layers of pcb board before they are pressed by high pressure together.
Root cause of solder  dewetting
Dewetting in a solder joint indicates a problem with the solder pad or component part.Solder will not bond with the part.There are five main root cause of this issue as follows:Wrong plated alloy composition,Low addition agent,Too thin plating deposit,Contaminated copper surface(beneath the tin-lead plate),Metallic contamination.The right measures should be taken by PCB Manufacturers as like:Examine current density and metal ratio;Check in plating test cell and adjust as necessnary;Plate to required thickness;Improve rinsing and cleaning procedures between copper and tin-lead plate steps;Dummy plate bath at low current density;Investigate and minimize sources of contamination.
Discoloration of base material
Excessive thermal stress or unsuited for several soldering cycles。In order to avoid this issue happen in your coming pcb boards,your side should decrease temperature and soldering cycles.