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One-stop PCB Assembly Services

Now Newtrend Circuits is capable of providing full turn-key and partial turn-key printed circuit board assembly services. For full turn-key, we can take care of the entire process, including production of bare PCBs, procurement of components, continuous monitoring of quality and final assembly. Whereas for partial turn-key, the customer can provide full or partial components, and the remaining parts will be provided&assembled by us.

Test Options 
Our PCB Assembly Capabilities:
Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs) and other leadless parts are common in today’s PCB designs. However, leadless packages create challenges for assembly and inspection as the solder connections cannot be seen once the device is mounted. Newtrend Circuits has a state-of-the-art, 3D X-Ray machine that allows us to see underneath the component to check connections.

Supported capabilites
Types of Assembly

*THD(Thru-hole Device)

*SMT(Surface Mount Technology)

*SMT&THD Mixed

*2 Sided SMT and THD assembly

Components Parts

*Passives parts,Smallest size 0201

*Fine pitch to 8mils

*BGA ,UBGA, QFN,POP and leadless chips

*Connectors and terminals 

Components package


*Cut tape

*tube and tray

*Loose parts and bulk

Sopported file formats


*Bill of materails(components):XLS,CSV,XLSX


*Centroid(XY,Pick in Place)

PCB dismensions 

*Smallest size: 0.2x0.2inch

*largest size: 20x20inch

Types of PCB

*Tradtional FR4,Metal core,Hybrid PCBs

*Flex-rigid PCBs

Assembly process

*Lead Process

*Lead Free Process

Testing procedures

*Visual inspection

*X-Ray inspection

*Automated optical inspection

*ICT(In-Circuit Test)

*Funcational test

Supported Componets Spec

*2 Sided SMT

*BGA pitch:16MiL or greated 

*BGA Ball count:up to 1931call for larger parts

Newtrend Circuits uses the latest Flying Probe technology (Takaya 1400F) to electrically test assembled boards, ensure high yields and reduce engineering time spent debugging units. Flying probe requires no test fixtures, has few restrictions on board access and can test boards with a high number of nets quickly.

What we are doing every day!

We use cutting-edge technology to save our customers time and money, taking the fear and headaches out of assembly. Our proprietary software scans design files to find mistakes before assembly even begins. And then once your job is on our production floor, we use the latest in machine technology to build your assembly to the highest quality standards.  And every day, we work relentlessly to do it better, investigating new technology, updating processes and training our people. we are dedicated to making certain the assembly process is smooth and easy.

Functional testing is a final step in testing processes, validating that the product hardware is free of defects that could impact a product’s correct functioning in a system application. Our technicians work with customers to detail specific functional testing requirements and processes