Our Values
Newtren Circuits'values have been growing up and moving forward together with all empolyee. The establishment of our values is based on our consistent belief that all employee, whatever their position, can make their own decisions in line with the company’s strategy and share freely their ideas with our management. This simplifies responsibility-taking at all levels and makes everyone feel they are workig for themselves.Our staff can work more efficiently in such a relaxed atomsphere.They can learn from each other and do not need to develop new processes when common routines exist.

PCB Production

 As quick as1day each order

Standard Specifications

*No test fee on proto orders

*Max size 10x10inch


FR4  1oz or 2oz 


1 or 2






Technology makes the difference
Since establishment of our company, our management always believes that the key way for both of us and customers to stand out and defeat competitors is to continuously improve our technology of PCB manufacturing.NTC circuits is a technology-centered PCB manufactuer,and has been utilized advanced process&equipment to make our works more efficient than competitors.Continuous improvement of PCB manufacturing process makes us capable of building more complicated PCB boards with high quality standard and at a competitive price.We think technology can make the difference.Both of us and our customers can benefit from this improvement.  
Quality assurance.The whole production life cycle
We know what all customers are looking for is on-time delivery with zreo defects PCB boards.That is really what NTC circuits want to and strive to do.Our business philosophy is to start from trust and succeed in quality assurance in the whole production life cycle.We are also continuously working hard on improving our performance, with the help of clear and defined goals and following-up all our actions and decisions. All the hard work we have been doing promotes the level of quality and prolong the PLC of PCB boards we finally deliver. No compromise to quality standards forever!
Take full responsibility.We always promise
PCB as a critical component ,plays a very important role in the whole electrical project.Any defect inside PCB boards are really disaster ,and would lead a complete failure of the whole programe.It is for sure that any issue would happen during the PCB manufacturing process especially in some complex production flow.The big difference between us and other PCB manufactures is that we always keep our promises and take full responsibility for all issus.We will find root cause immeadiately and will not let our customers wait in uncertainty.Our customers should expect no better support than us.
We want to be your first choice

Through our vision Newtrend always set the standards for our organization and that we cooperate to reach the same objectives. In order to become our customers' first choice, we need to be aware about each customers own expectations, we need to have customer in focus based on long term and also be able to adapt to customer’s own, case unique, requirements.The key values within Newtrend Circuits Co.,LTD are defined based on our vision and the key to our success is that our work is made in accordance with them.It is really great honor for us to help our valued customers as we can.

*Service  *Quality   *Capability   *Promise    *Flexiability   *Stability&Sustainability

"​PCBs are made in the right factory at the right time and quality"