>>What kinds of Tests we can do 
PCB ManufacturingVisual Inspection
Visual inspection criteria employed by Newtrend adheres to the standards IDEA-STD-1010-B,MIL-STD-883G and the mechanical dimension criteria of product data sheets
XRF analysis

Our XFR analysis&testing systems allows a non-destructive method to determine what alloy a pcb board  consists of ,and make all pcbs comply with ROHS standards 

Solderability testSolderability test confirms that all pads on the bare pcb board can be solderable to components.The solderability issue is a big disaster to final electrical products
Electrial testing 
Electrial testing is a kind of test to check the shorts and opens in the pcb board.This is very important and key step before shippment
Ionic contamination testReliability experts confirm that roughly 30% of PCBA failures are due to ionic contamination of the bare pcb,and only 2% of contaminated pcbs rejected and sent back to the pcb hourse for re-cleaning.95% of China pcb manufacturers can not do Ionic test Newtrend can do this test to monitor the level of ionic contamination if customers need.
Parts assemblySolderability testSolderability test verifies that all components on the pcb board are solderable.This test aslo measures the vertical force and surface tension of a fluxed component immersed in molten solder.
Extreme temperature test
Temperature extremes can significantly alter the mechanical and electrical properties of a component,such as brittleness of ICs,electrical conductivity and frequrencies.Our temperature test can determines how components cope with extreme temperaturers.and aviod failure of electrial systems and unreliable operations.
Key function testNewtrend can perform a range of KFT testing on ICs, measuring performance against datasheet parameter specs.We aslo have the ability to accurately test other components such as passives.Test can be performed in the range -50degree to 155degree.We can aslo test final PCBAs as per testing proceedures provided by end users.