Our  Company History:
     Newtrend Circuits Co.,LTD is one of the fastest growing PCB manufactuers in China, who has been focusing on the lastest development in the PCB industry and improving our own process capabiltiy. The timeline traces our journey from small rigid PCB manufactuer to Integrated PCB Producer nowadays.


*Owing to continous huge investment in R&D and manufacturing equipment our manufacturing technology has been improved dramatically. We can produce those high complicated pcbs with vias of 0.1mm and aspect ratio of 16:1.This will help our customers to palce more traces&vias on limited pcb face.


*We are doing pcb business with about 1000 customers all over the world.Annual sales from international market exceed 15million USD.More than 600 empolyee are working for NTC circuits


*Annual overseas sales exceeded 10millon USD at the first time.Great business relationship was established between NTC and some high-end customers.


*We developed 4layers Al pcb and Copper base PCB for our customers.In the meanwhile more than 500 empolyee were working for NTC Circuits.


*The first 6layers Flex-rigid order was finished and approvelled by customer.Since that we can provide more solutions for customer's PCB boards.


*Nominated by Shenzhe goverment as candidate of "National High-Tech company" after beating lots of competitors.


*Annual sales reached 100million RMB,30millon RMB of which were from overseas customers.


*Certified by shenzhen Scientific Bureau as"High-Tech company " of Shenzhen city.NTC was aslo selected as a member of CPCA


*Oversales department was set up.NTC started to establish a direct contact with end users from overseas countries.Our PCB products expanded into the market of developed countries.


*Newtrend Circuits Co LTD was established in Shenzhen city P.R China.The aim of our company was to be one leading quick turn and high precision PCB manufacuer in the PCB industry.

Customers are saying:

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"I have been very impressed with Newtrend Circuits Co.,LTD's service.Now we are buying pcbs directly from China pcb house for cost reduction and stable quality."--Marc 

"Recieved pcbs.Test very well.I really appreciate your prompt service.We will buy pcbs again from your side."--Terry

"No test fee,No hidden fee,and easy to pay via paypal on proto ordrers.Excellent quality! Thanks for our good price and service."--Assad

"Great customer service,fast turn around and fantastic quality at an unacceptable price."--Kirk 

"Excellent manufacturing capability! I never thought newtrend could build such complicated pcbs.Never buy pcbs again from our local broker owing to high price and inferior quality."--Micheal

"Received your hybrid pcbs.I really like your quality.This pcb project is really important to me.Thanks for your great job!"--Louise

"My 6layers Flex-rigid pcb arrived today.I am impressed with your quality and capability.I feel sorry because i should have not worried  too much before.Thanks for your great job"--Jon