Order Preparation
Our knowledge and experience in the PCB industry tells us that More than 30% of the gerber files we gathered from our customers do have some issues, generally, ambiguous information, design errors, missing information&layers and conficts between the gerber data and PCB fabrication instructions.Altough our sales and engineers with a good command of knowledge of PCB manufacturing and PCB design,they are not real PCB designer and can not understand competely customers' design goal. In such circumstance customers must make sure all file date are accurate and don't have issues especially design issues some of which wouldn't be regarded as issue in the view of PCB manufactuers or others who are not original PCB designer.Customers need to follow some princicles as below for preventing uncessnary losses when submiting files for PCB production.
Layers up and drill chart
There is no doubt that customer's support and trust lead to the success of Newtrend Circuits in the past decades.Since estalishment what we have working hard on is to make full satisfaction to our customers.We are customer-orentaed PCB manufactuer to strive for zero defect PCBs and customer's complaint.We are honored to hear any comments or suggestions from our customers on our PCB pricing,service and process capability,which can help us to better meet your technical requirements.Customer's full satisfactions on PCB orders at all respects including PCB pricing,quality and delivery is really someting we want to see.
Conflicts between gerber and specifications
Conflicts between gerber data and PCB fabrication instructions are a common phenomenon in the PCB files coming from our customers.Our staff ofter found such issues when they review files gathered from their customers.In such circumstance our sales will hold on order and then contact our customers for approvel.This will delay our order proceeding and increase leadtime which sometimes would put our customer's schedule off.To slove issue quickly and avoid uncessnary delay our customers need to check their gerber data and PCB fabrication instructions twice before sending orders to us,so we can proceed with your orders without any delay.
Proper PCB file formats
For PCB fabrication we can accept many kinds of file format,but gerber file are perferred.Whenever possible ,we would like to work with standard gerber file format.Gerber fomrat is the only and final format which is used to produce PCB boards in the PCB factory.Any other format must be converted into gerber files before production.Some old version can not output accurately current version.Some data would output wrongly and missing during the converison.Our CAM staff aslo can help to regernerate gerber files if you have only old version of PCB files.We can make sure all final files at our hands are accurate and available.
How we produce Pcbs