>>Hybrid PCBs
Mixed material PCB(or called multilayer hybrid PCB) is charactered as having different isolation material are used between layers of the circuits.This allows the choice of material to be tailored the different functions on the different layers of the PCB board.As the different dielectrics have different thermal conductivity,mechanical stress,frequency and dielectric constant,PCB designers can expect different performace by using different dielectrics bewteen layers of the circuit.Owing to different isolation material in the same PCB,it is very risky and complex for PCB manufactuers to laminate them together very well.NTC circuits can achieve this!
Products advantages
Product applications

*Better design flexiblity 

*Improved impedance control

*Improved performance

*Better thermal management

*Low DK and High frequency

*Signal transferring equipement

*RF Products


*Satellite products

*Aerospace products

Base material

FR4&Ceramic Material
Finished Copper12/18/35/53/70/105/140/175UM
Overall thickness(Min)0.6MM
Overall thickness(Max)3.0MM
Fastest turnaround
Time in transit2-3days(North America)
Time in transit3-days(Europe)