>>Flexible PCBs
Flexible circuits technology has a surprisingly long history. Patents issued at the turn of the 20th century show clear evidence that early researchers were envisioning ways of making flat conductors sandwiched between layers of insulating material to layout electrical circuits to serve in early telephony switching applications. Flex circuits are often used as connectors in various applications where flexibility, space savings, or production constraints limit the serviceability of rigid circuit boards or hand wiring Nowadays Flex PCB are used widely in the electrical industry owing to flexibility and light weight.


Products advantages
Product applications

*Good flexibility and light weight

*Unparalleled design flexibility

*Size and thickness reduction

*Elimination of mechanical connectors

*Reduced wiring errors

*LED and Lighting equipments

*Smart mobile phone

*Medical equipments

*Aerospace products


Base material

Finished Copper12/18/35/53/70UM
Overall thickness(Min)0.1MM
Overall thickness(Max)0.2MM
Fastest turnaround
Time in transit2-3days(North America)
Time in transit3-days(Europe)