>>Flex-Rigid PCBs
Rigid Flex circuits are a new kind of special PCB composed of Flex circuits and Rigid PCBs,which is characterized by having conductors on both the flexible and rigid layers of the circuit. Plated thru holes go through the flexible and rigid sections and electrically connect multiple conductor layers.Rigid Flex circuits are often used when components are mounted on both sides of the rigid section. This circuit construction should be distinguished from a flexible circuit with a rigid stiffener attached.Such combination of Rigid and Flex circtuis give engineers a more design flexibility
Products advantages
Product applications

*Good flexibility and Light weight

*Unparalleled design flexibility

*Greater functionality&applications

*Elimination of mechanical connectors

*Connection reliability

*Smart mobile phone

*HD Led display screen

*Medical equipement

*Information technology

*Aerospace products

Base material

Polyimide&Polyester&Tradtional FR4
Finished Copper12/18/35/53/70/105/140/175
Overall thickness(Min)0.2MM
Overall thickness(Max)4.0MM
Fastest turnaround
Time in transit2-3days(North America)
Time in transit3-days(Europe)