Design support
At Newtrend Circuits  have been working hard to be PCB partner of our customers besides PCB manufacturer.Our professional sales and engineers can understand completely customers' requirement and offer some good advice in the stage of intital design.Such advice conjuction of view of PCB manufacturing and intention of original design can help our customers to lower their PCB cost by optimizing their design.If our customers ingore current technology of PCB manufacturing or can not get any help from their PCB house when PCB design,then much uncessnary cost will arise.Any waste of cost will make us lose customers and market share.To better support our customers Newtrend Circuits will offer best design support and take any possble cost down initatives to our customers,so they can be more competitive.
Time and cost saving
Our well-trained staff are able to advice on PCB board& manufacuring cost factors and provide rapid&effective response on any design issue, layer-ups, material usage, design principles, manufacturability, cost of different solutions, use of micro vias, gold plating, special laminates, etc.Our professional PCB design support will help our customers to reduce their PCB design time,manufactuing cost and uncessnary task so they can have time to foucs on new ideas. Combination of manufacturing experience and design rules will makes it easier for us to provide real-time and in-depth support to assist our cusotmers in cost down effectively, shortening your time of bringing conceptual design into top quality and attractive products.
Value engineering support
Our CAM engineers have in-depth knowledge in PCB production and IPC standards. Our daily work to check&analysize customers'gerber files and find a best way to customer-specific solutions. All our engineers in the CAM department are experts in tooling gerber ,analysizing design issue and Manufacturing PCB, specifically, knowing how to build PCBs at the lowest possible cost without compromising your design goals. Because of many year's experience in China PCB field our engineers's advice on your PCB design is most effective and valueable at all respects involving in design goal,PCB pricing,quality,customer service and timely delivery.
In-depth knowledge in PCB designs
Deep understanding of customers'design goal is really something PCB users expect their vendors can do,but the reality is that most of PCB manufacturers are not able to meet such requirements because of lack of knowledg of PCB designs.The customer satisfaction orentation of Newtrend Circuits requests all engineers who are working for NTC to have a good knowledges of PCB designs.When reviewing customers' gerber file,Our engieers can analysize gerber files not only according to view of PCB manufactuing but aslo point of PCB design.It can save much uncessnary losses owing to design issues.
Preferred files formats
In order to better serve and support our customers for PCB fabrication we can accept either industry standard Gerbers/Excellon file set or supported CAD format listed below. If possible, we would prefer to work with Gerbers files(industrial standard format) . We can build your PCB board directly according to your original gerber files.There is no worry about any missing information when other formats are converted into gerber files.We really appreciate it if you can follow our instructions as below when you requestPCB quote or place order.

*Gerbers & Excellon CAM File Set Guide 

1,Pls zip up all the files when submitting gerber files.

2,Output to RS-274-x format only if possible. 

3, It will help us to understand design orientation if you include a "read files" saying which file refers to which layer. 

4,A separate layer as a PCB outline is perferred.Board outline can aslo be included in the silkcreen layer.We will take the center of the line as the outline if board outline is not zero mil.We aslo prefer internal cutouts line to be in the same layers as board outline. 

*RS-274-D Gerber Format(old format) 

Some older PCB CAD systems (prior to mid 90s) can only output to RS-274-D format. This format requires manual data entry of apertures before the Gerbers can be used. This can take between 30 minutes to 2 hours of work . Our engineers can do this work for you when you submit such format for PCB fabrication. 

*Older Versions of Support CAD Format 

File made byusing older version of the software may not import correctly to the current version. For example, EAGLE 3.x files may not import correctly to the current 4.x format. Or Autotrax files may not import correctly using Protel DXP. In such circumstances, we would request customers to generate and submit Gerber/Excellon file set for right fabrication. 

*Protel99se/2004/Pads/ Altium Designer9.0/ ODB++ 

If you don't know how to output files made using the version of the below sofwares into standard gerber files or worry about missing important inside when convertion,you can count on us.Our CAM engineers with in-depth knowledge in PCB field would like to work with these files and output perfect gerber files for PCB fabrication.