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Tech Tips you shoud know
At Newtrend Circuits we can understand completely your technical requirements and what you are really looking for.Not just PCB manufacturer but aslo your vendor our in-depth knowledge in China PCB industry will help to optimize your PCB files and advice on cost down initiatives,and high quality remains the same.There are always conflicts between quality and price,but we have been working hard to slove this contradiction by optimizing PCB files,improving efficiency of manufacturing and adopting new technology.We are a top China PCB manufactuer you should count on which can offer you competitive terms,quality and delivery assurance that help you stand out.Our business philosophy is that we always make a commitment to the continuous improvment of our PCB serive to our customers.

Annular Ring 

The remaining area of a pad after a hole drilling,which is used to solder to surface components 

Aperture List / Aperture Table

A list of the shapes and sizes for describing the pads and tracks 

Aspect Ratio 

The ratio of the circuit board thickness to the smallest hole diameter 

Teardrop Pad 

A kind of pad without connection with any trace around the functional pads.Teardrop pad is designed to avoid pocket where the pads meet the traces which could collect excessive acid from the PCB etching process, reduce mechanical & thermal stress resulting in less hairline cracks in the trace. 

Countersink hole

A normal right cylindrical through-hole with an additional right conical section removed on the top 

Counterbore hole 

A  normal right cylindrical though-hole with an additional right bigger cylindrial senction reomved on the top 

Castellation hole 

Vias or through holes which are cut through to create a partial or half hole for the purpose of creating an opening into the side of the hole barrel.These castellation holes are used to mount a pcb to another pcb by way of solder or insertion of specially design edge connectors

Via in Pad

It refers to one kind of vias which is plated through and then filled with conductive or unconductive material.This vias is finally plated over with copper.Via in Pad can save pcb spacing and aslo provides a direct conduit for heat transfer 

 Jump scoring

This is a special kind of scoring only used in panelized array.Jump scoring will allow for one scoring line to jump over many board border,and leave more rigid material to support the whole panel stably during the assembly process 


Fiducial marks are a feature of the printed circuit board artwork,created in the same process as the copper circuits artwork.Fiducial marks provide common measurable points for all steps in the assembly process.This allows automated assembly equipment to accurately locate the circuit pattern.

Customer satisfaction orientation
There is no doubt that customer's support and trust lead to the success of Newtrend Circuits in the past decades.Since estalishment what we have working hard on is to make full satisfaction to our customers.We are customer-orentaed PCB manufactuer to strive for zero defect PCBs and customer's complaint.We are honored to hear any comments or suggestions from our customers on our PCB pricing,service and process capability,which can help us to better meet your technical requirements.Customer's full satisfactions on PCB orders at all respects including PCB pricing,quality and delivery is really someting we want to see.
Customer privacy policy
Many customers are really worried about disclosure of their file data when they pass their PCB files to PCB manufacturers for quotes or PCB fabrication.Newtrend Circuits as a responsible PCB manufactuer in China can promise to protect all information gathered from our customers with all possible ways ,within the laws of China and customers's country.We agrees to not sell or disclose any imformation to third party for any kind of benefit.
All our sales and engineers at your disposal
With an average of 80 new designs being tooled every day, for 2012, there are more than 20000 new designs tooled in our company.Our advantages are not just provide you with high qulity PCB,but aslo make your work easier.Our dedicated sales and trained enginners are available to you from 8:30am to 20:00pm ,Monday to Staurday.
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We have always learnt from our customers that the reason of coming back to Newtrend is because of our high quality, reasoble PCB pricing, in-time delivery, fantastic ervice, and personal dedication to their needs.Our expertise and in-depth knowledge in PCB field really help them to remain high quality at a low PCB pricing and timely delivery.