4Layers / Alu core / ENIG
1.6mm / 6Layers / 6oz Copper
Hybrid PCB / FR4&Rogers / ENIG
3.0mm / 24Layers / ENIG  

We are a provider of all types of PCB in China!

Best source for quality PCBs

    Considered a premier manufacturer of PCB boards, Newtrend Circuits Co.,LTD has been providing customers with quality circuitry for several years running. This trusted and respected PCB board manufacturer offers affordable pricing on a wide range of advanced and state-of-the-art circuitry for a host of applications. Few other China PCB manufacturers found anywhere on the Internet can compare when it comes to dedicated customer service and quality parts that are intended to produce excellent results for manufacturers, developers and end-users. Newtrend Circuits offers expertise and extensive experience in a full spectrum of industries.

*Specialist Of Choice

    As a comprehensive China PCB board manufacturer, Newtrend Circuits Co.,LTD offers customers many quality circuitry related products such as metal core PCB, mixed material PCB, flex circuit, as well as Rigid PCB. A dedicated team of circuitry professionals can handle virtually any design challenge or technical challenge with regard to a wide selection of PCB board related components. Assisting customers with everything from standard rigid PCB to FPC as well as high frequency PCB and various other complicated PCB Projects, Newtrend Circuits is clearly the China PCB Specialist of choice.

*The Design Process

    Newtrend Circuits Co.,LTD has consistently provided customers with outstanding quality control and excellent management. Most importantly, the dedicated team of engineers at Newtrend Circuits can assist customers through all stages of the design process. As such, customers can expect reduced cycle time that is far better than the industry standard. Newtrend Circuits Co.,LTD also makes available to customers what are considered to be some of the lowest manufacturing costs in the industry while at the same time not sacrificing quality. The company is reliable, dependable and affordably priced. All this combined with on-time delivery and friendly customer service representatives let's customers know that they have in fact found the right China PCB manufacturer. Contact Newtrend Circuits today!

  Products Range;

       *Standard FR4 PCB

       *Flexible circuits board

       *Flex-rigid PCB fabrication

       *Thermal metal core board

       *High frequency material PCB

       *Hybrid material circuits board

       *Procurement of components

       *PCB Assembly&Test

  Quality policy;

       *Build to current IPC

       *Repeatable process control

       *Best material&technology

       *Strict final inspection

       *Strive for zero complaint

       *Responsible for the PCB life cycle


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